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Dubai shopping festival is on its way and many of us will be heading towards this glorious city. There are numerous packaged deals available nowadays which offer airfare with hotel stay. The cost of these packages varies from airline to airline and can also vary depending upon accommodation type. If you choose a budget hotel or a 4 star, it will be more affordable as compared to a 5 star hotel. So you can mix and match the inclusions of the package as per your budget and book a trip for yourself to Dubai. But once you are there, what do you do?

Well, going for vacation not only includes the transportation and accommodation, but also consists of your itinerary during your vacation. This is a very important part of your trip because you would definitely want to make the most out of your vacation to Dubai. And there are certainly a lot of attractions in Dubai that you must visit when going for a vacation Dubai. Here is a quick reference for the top 10 places that you must visit:

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in Dubai, as well as the world, Burj Khalifa stands 82,984 meters tall and certainly needs no introduction. It has almost everything you need, from luxury hotels to the lovely views offered from the top of the building which is the most amazing thing about it.

Burj Khalifa | Attractions in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Palm Islands

Another one of the world renowned attractions is this man-made archipelago in the shape of a palm tree. The islands are beautiful and also have equally magnificent accommodation options.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai wins it yet again when it comes to the biggest mall in the world! It is a part of Burj Khalifa and consists of 1,200 shops (treat for shopaholic!). Apart from shopping, the malls’ attractions also include a cinema, aquarium (largest suspended aquarium in the world), and an ice rink.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Like most of the places of interest in UAE, this has also been created to be remarkable and luxurious, with several water slides, pools, and surfing on artificial waves!! It is perfect to enjoy with your family.

Fujairah Fort, Fujairah

Out of the 7 UAE emirates, Fujairah is the only one located in the eastern part of the country. Built in 1670, it was primarily used for defence purposes and served as home to the ruling family, but was renovated after it was bombed.

Fujairah Fort | Attractions in Dubai

Fujairah Fort

Dubai Waterfront

Dubai Waterfront is the largest waterfront in the world offering beautiful scenic views and breathtaking perfect designs. The magnificent area of the Waterfront will accommodate around 1.5 million people once the residential area is ready.

Dubai Museum

Intriguing indeed, this museum has almost everything to entice everyone with historical weapons, musical instruments, maps, etc. from Dubai and other parts of the world. It is located in the stunning fortress Al Fahidi Fort which is quite an attraction in itself.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Ensure that you are dressed properly as per the rules and terms of etiquette if you wish to enter this largest mosque in the UAE. It is beautifully constructed and can accommodate around 40,000 people!!

The Dubai Fountain

This strikingly awesome sight is going to be an unforgettable one! Placed within the Lake of Burj Khalifa, the fountain looks fabulous the water is shot at 150 meters height combined with lights (6,600 lights and 25 coloured projectors) and music.

Dubai Fountain | Attractions in Dubai

Dubai Fountain

Desert Safari

In Dubai and you don’t experience the sand dunes? That sounds incomplete. A very thrilling activity indeed, the desert safari includes an off-road vehicle to be driven skilfully to handle the car on the sand. Do give it a shot. Or hire an experienced one to take you around.

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