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One of the joys of international travel is discovering havens of new prosperity rooted in enduring historical tradition. The Aspendos Festival in Turkey offers just that. Launched a mere two decades ago, it takes advantage of one of the most venerable performance venues in Eurasian history, coupling it with a rich cultural experience to offer a premier holiday.

Aspendos Festival in Turkey

Aspendos Amphitheatre

The Aspendos Amphitheatre in Turkey was constructed more than two thousand years ago, amid the opulence of the ancient Mediterranean world. It has stood the test of time beautifully and remains a fine, elegant venue for upscale performances. The festival, launched in 1994, draws together premier opera performance companies to offer first-rate operas, enabling visitors to enjoy a holiday in Turkey while availing themselves of great music in a lovely venue.

The Aspendos area offers visitors a chance to discover Turkey’s beautiful hotels and round out an enjoyable evening with sumptuous state. Turkey is a rising star of the near East, well-known for its recent prosperity, its open society, its welcoming culture, and its friendly people. It is also a land steeped in deep history and offers as much of a taste of a glorious past.

Aspendos Festival in Turkey


Although there is much to see and do in Turkey, you can plan your trip around the festival and avail yourself of some of the best opera that part of the world has to offer. The 2013 opera season, beginning in June, features the Love of Centuries Ballet, Aida, Rigoletto, Swan Lake and Carmen. Performed by Turkey’s star performance companies, these ballets and operas are sure to delight.

The surrounding area offers much to round out the day, ranging from scenic tours of the Green Caves to fly fishing excursions to tours of venerable architecture dating back from the days of Turkey’s glory under the Ottoman Empire. Travel to Turkey is easy, with direct flights from most points in Europe on various airlines, and, given the quality of experience offered, a holiday in Turkey is eminently affordable. One performance at the opera in quality seating is approximately a mere 40 euros, and the prices for surrounding stellar amenities reflect the robust strength of European currency.

The performances at this year’s festival concentrate on Turkish production companies recognized worldwide as being among the world’s best. Both Aida and Rigoletto are presented by the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, while Carmen comes courtesy of the Mersin State Opera and Ballet. The Love of Centuries is presented by Antalya State Opera and Ballet.

Aspendos Festival in Turkey

Dance Performance

For a lovely holiday that combines an exceptional artistic experience with first-rate amenities and both cultural and historical depth, visit Turkey this summer and avail yourself of an internationally renowned artistic festival. The Aspendos Amphitheatre awaits your attendance in a venue that has seated patrons for millennia and continues to offer its wealth of history and tradition along with the rewards of an emerging, vibrant country in style, comfort and eminent affordability.

List of performances 2013 you can find here.

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