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Without a doubt, Europe has played an incredibly large role in transforming the globe’s eating habits.  But whereas countries like Italy, France and Spain might initially spring to mind when considering global influence in the food-world, upon closer inspection; the UK can similarly be regarded as every foodie’s dream destination. Thousands of food-lovers visit the UK every year and savour the various delectable flavours and cuisines it has on offer and with distinctive culture between Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, the variety is immense. With innumerable eateries and gourmet food shops in every village, town and city, the UK is sure to surprise every epicure who visits it.

When in the UK, somewhere which every gastro  enthusiast simply must visit is Chester.  This quintessentially English city presents the best of fresh produce and local cuisines prepared from seasonal, fruits, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots and special spices. The farm shops and farmers markets in both Chester and Cheshire offer an impressive variety of delicious food items grown and prepared locally. If visiting Chester for a gourmet good experience, it is recommended to stay in one of Chester’s many hotels with restaurants, which offer some of the town’s best produce. One is sure to be left spellbound by the distinctive flavours that are known to appeal to everyone’s palate. Cheshire is also well known for its amazing food festivals that boast some the best food and drink in England.

A Gourmets Guide to The UK


Edinburgh, the proud capital city of Scotland, is great for unique and locally produced food and internationally renowned. Edinburgh is famous for a great variety of delicacies such as the langoustine, scallops, rejuvenating cocktails, Loch Fyne crab and the mouth-watering grouse. Many visitors to the city choose to stay in opulent Edinburgh accommodation in the city centre and stay close to the best of Edinburgh’s restaurants, delis and cafes that specialize in food from all over the world.

A Gourmets Guide to The UK


Any foodie’s UK visit would be incomplete without a trip to London. It is sure to fulfil every food gourmand’s dream and offers a huge variety of food from every corner of the globe. London has some amazing gourmet food shops that offer the finest and the most sought after food items. Be it scotch eggs, juicy steaks, coffee, chutneys, wine, cupcakes, cheese, cooking oils, chicken, pork, beef, pastries, breads, pasta or sausage rolls, it is possible to find anything and everything at these amazing, must-visit gourmet food shops which can be easily reached from any part of London. The food markets in Kensington, Newington and the Glasshouse Street are the favourite hangouts for foodies, and are open for tourists at all times.

A Gourmets Guide to The UK

Food Market London

The United Kingdom may be popular for its fashion, glamour and its fog, but it definitely lives up to the foodies’ expectations as well; and is lauded time and again for its huge food culture that goes far beyond steak pie and fish and chips. Offering unmatched local food and international cuisines, the UK is sure to leave any food lover with delicious memories and a scrumptious experience!

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