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The good news about travelling internationally is that you get to visit great locations in anticipation of unique beauty and features. The bad news is that you have to go through an airport! Yes, the truth is that airports are far from fun. However, due to the cut-throat competition among the industry players, airports are being upgraded at least to provide special comfort and fun to travelers. I’m glad to report that one Netherlands airport has gone the extra mile to give you excellent amenities; below are the details.

Schiphol Airport


Amsterdam airport which is really known as Schiphol (officially) has risen to the occasion. As the fourth largest airport in Europe, I was pleased to have passed through it! The first thing you need to know is that it is like a big airport city. This is not all bad because there are many things to do when waiting around. In the vicinity, there are business offices, retail shops, entertainment joints, health centers and even great Amsterdam accommodations. This ‘little’ city is particularly fascinating because couples can actually get married! Too bad I’m already married.

Amsterdam Hotel


You can indulge in some blackjack but I gladly passed; it is not really my thing. They even have a museum for you to check out! Travelling to Amsterdam and Rotterdam for me was a piece of cake. In fact, I even toured the famous Hague. Below the Schiphol airport, I just took a train. You can also go all the way to neighboring countries this way thanks to the high speed trains. Although my pocket was not picked, it is good to beware of train pickpockets! It is better to be safer than sorry. Did I mention that you pay nearly $10 for a second class train ticket to Amsterdam? Taxis are expensive but the bus is much cheaper.

I missed a hotel shuttle when I was about to embark on my city tour; however, I was glad to see that a shuttle runs every 10 minutes and this was perfect for me; I have a thing with keeping time. I noticed there were bike paths from the airport and could not help but pity those who chose to sweat this way when they could take a bus! (I’m still looking for a way to shed some extra pounds). The bike ride to the major city is about 9 miles.

Schiphol Airport


I have got to say that I was really pleased to see that Schiphol is following in the footsteps of Heathrow airport and giving people more choices regarding food. The airport restaurant will give you a menu in which you can get a larger variety to your pleasure. The airport shops sell from shoes to caviar, coffee and champagne; this was an answer to my prayer. Mothers are also happy here because there are free baby changing stations, cribs and even microwaves. I did not get time to visit the casino and the museum. In the first hour at the airport, Wi-Fi is free of charge! I ventured to the terrace outside and enjoyed the look of artificial grass; it was a great masterpiece and for the first time in my travel, I was not bored at an airport.

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