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    You have your tickets in hand, hotel booked and things packed. You are ready to visit Seattle. There comes another question, what to do and where to visit during your vacation in Seattle? What are the best Activities in Seattle? Keep reading and you will find answer to these questions.

Here is the list of places to visit or Activities in Seattle:

Space Needle

Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, Space Needle is the icon of Seattle. Space Needle is located at the Seattle Center and can be reached with bus or monorail for $3.50,- from Westlake Station. Your visit to Seattle is not complete if you don’t see the city from the observation deck, which is open 365 days in a year, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. The ticket can be purchased at the site or online for $19,-. However, if you eat at the restaurant, you can go up 160 meters height to the deck for free. The food may be costly, but you can always have the unforgettable experience of Seattle’s aerial view in a cheaper way. You can order one of the deserts for $12 and stay there at least 47 minutes, which is the time needed to make one round. Space Needle belongs to “must do” Activities in Seattle and it is advised to go there on weekdays and make appointment in advance. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait in a long line.

Activities in Seattle-Space Needle

Space Needle in Seattle

Seattle Center

Besides Space Needle, Seattle Center houses many other attractions. There is EMP Museum, where you can learn about music, sci-fi and popular culture. You’ll be surprised to know that many great bands or musicians originate from Seattle. There is also Pacific Science Center where you can experience science in an interesting and interactive way. You can also visit the glass garden that exhibits glass artwork from local artists. Be ready to witness many cultural events because Seattle Center, as it’s name suggests, is the center of Seattle.

Seattle Art Museum

If you like art or want to know how art develops in Seattle, Seattle Art Museum is the right place to visit. It is located in the downtown Seattle, so it is easy to reach by bus. In front of the museum, you’ll see the Hammerman, which is an art installation depicting a man with hammer and operates 24 hours a day in 364 days in a year. Inside, you can always see art installation, from paintings to multimedia. Check online if they have special exhibition going on. That will add different experience to your knowledge of art and culture.

Pioneer Square

Located at the southwest corner of downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square’s unique feature is the late nineteenth century brick and stone buildings. Walking around the square, you can witness Romanesque Revival style urban architecture. You will find many stores, restaurants and bars, which will remind you of a European town. If you want to learn more about history, there is an interesting underground tour where you can see how the city looked like in the past.

Gum Wall and Pike Place Market

Located at the alley behind Pike Place Market, to see Gum Wall is also one of the must-do activities in Seattle. As the name suggests, it is a wall with tons of colorful gums stuck on it. It might sound disgusting, but it is a wonderful view you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Prepare to bring a chewing gum to contribute to that unusual public art.

As for the Pike Place Market, it is probably the oldest market place in Seattle where you can find groceries, artworks, seafood, fruits and vegetables from the locals. Walking down the stone-paved street will bring back the memory of the good old time. There you can also find the first Starbucks store, which is preserved to its original setting.

If you are interested in arts, Seattle will be the best destination for your vacation. Surrounded by ocean, lake and mountains, Seattle offers breathtaking landscape and panoramic views. However, if you like to experience urban atmosphere, downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill will satisfy your shopping and social needs with the various stores and bars.

If you decided to visit more than one touristic site during your travel, it is advised to book the ticket online or buy city pass voucher which offers you reduced entrance ticket. This way you can save more money to buy some merchandise to bring home.

So, pack your stuffs and get yourself ready for these amazing activities in Seattle!

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Johan “Jack” Chandra is a blogger, traveler, writer and freelance photojournalist. He has been guiding tours to several places in Indonesia such as Bali and North Sumatra. He has been writing about his experiences traveling to several countries in Asia and Europe since 2005. To enhance his writing passion, he started learning photography in 2010. He is an alumnus of Fulbright scholarship in Community College Initiative Program (CCID) 2011, majoring in journalism and planning to pursue his Master’s degree in Psychology in Germany. With the motto “Learn, Live, Laugh”, he wants to be a professional author. More of his works can be found at and [/author_info] [/author]

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