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   You now in Seattle and you have been to many must-see places in Seattle. You are thinking of doing some other Activities in Seattle. What can you do?

Here are some activities in Seattle you can do in between your visit:

Go hiking

Mount Rainier is just 87 km from Seattle. Try to find if there is a tour package to the highest mountain in Washington State. Prepare yourself to walk several miles, climbing the path to see year-round snow-covered mountaintop. You can also buy some merchandise at the store.

activities in Seattle Mount-Rainier


Eat seafood

There are also Activities in Seattle for gourmands. As a seaport city, Seattle is well-known for its seafood. You can find plenty of seafood restaurants at the Waterfront. Be wise to spend your budget because the price will vary from one restaurant to another. Even so, eating seafood by the ocean will be a priceless experience.

Try local coffee

As people in Seattle like drinking coffee, it is no surprise that you will find many different coffee stores in Seattle. Don’t stick to the brand you have already known but try different local stores instead. You will be surprised that local coffee shops will give you a better experience in enjoying a cup of coffee.


If you hang around the downtown long enough, you might witness this strange vehicle passing around. It belongs to the most popular Activities in Seattle. It is an amphibious vehicle with the shape of a boat but the engine of a car. The duck will bring you around the city both on the land and on the water. Prepare to do something different during your ride because the captain might ask you to sing along or do some simple movement. Go online or visit the station to check on ticket prices and departure times.


Seattle is a city of culture and art. There will be plenty of festivals all year long. Make sure you check out the date to witness some extraordinary festivals such as Hempfest, Science Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival and so on. Visiting at the different time of the year will give you different experiences.

You will always find things to do in Seattle because there will always be some ongoing events in the city. The best time to visit Seattle is actually between spring and summer, when many events take place. Plus, you will be offered the wonderful spring view when the flowers bloom. Try to fit in the Activities in Seattle in between your visit to several touristic sites. This will help you enhance your travel experience. You can also save more money by buying coupon or city-passes ahead of time.

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Johan “Jack” Chandra is a blogger, traveler, writer and freelance photojournalist. He has been guiding tours to several places in Indonesia such as Bali and North Sumatra. He has been writing about his experiences traveling to several countries in Asia and Europe since 2005. To enhance his writing passion, he started learning photography in 2010. He is an alumnus of Fulbright scholarship in Community College Initiative Program (CCID) 2011, majoring in journalism and planning to pursue his Master’s degree in Psychology in Germany. With the motto “Learn, Live, Laugh”, he wants to be a professional author. More of his works can be found at and [/author_info] [/author]

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