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Winter time is always the best for budget trips but it is not always the most enjoyable since there are more “hot weather” activities to be done. It is also more difficult to travel in winter carrying lots of stuff with you whilst in summer you can have only a backpack or even a smaller bag with you. But how about the prices in summer? More demand results higher prices. But it does not have to be like that all the time. If you are planning to spend your summer vacation in Turkey which is a very good choice, here are the tips for the lowest possible cost holiday with the best possible quality.
Turkey Holiday Packages

Turkey Holiday

You should avoid custom made itineraries

“Custom made itinerary” is a very common travel term but in Turkey many travel agencies use it for either private tours or small group tours. If you let your travel agent create a custom made itinerary for you, it means in each destination you will be with different people, different tour guides, different drivers and if you need to take a long bus drive it will be regular buses instead of big tour buses.
The groups will be smaller than a package tour group because package tours do not have guarantee departure every day and it gives the opportunity of collecting more people while in custom made itineraries there is guarantee tour departure every day almost all year long which results in having smaller groups.
Most tour guides in Turkey charge daily and it does not matter if they go on a tour with forty people or four people, they charge the same amount of money which means if your group is smaller, the cost of the tour will be higher for the tour operator and you will have to pay for the difference.
Regarding the hotels; if a tour operator promises to send hundreds of guests to a hotel, the price will be less than half the regular price which means that with tour packages, you will even pay less or pay equal but stay at better hotels.
Of course there are advantages of taking custom made tours but if you are looking for the cheapest, then it is not the correct choice at all. You should arrange your vacation dates according to the tour departure dates of your trusted travel agency or tour operator.
Turkey Holiday Packages


Early Reservation is Very Important

Let me tell you what is that;
If the itinerary includes any internal flights, for getting the best rate,early reservation is a must.
Flight prices used to be fixed prices just a few years ago as long as it was economy class but today every flight company without exception, of the class, use the same system. First come grabs the cheapest seat even if the seats are equal in terms of quality. A simple one hour flight from Istanbul to Izmir may cost you around two hundred USD with a last minute booking while it is around thirty dollars if you book it in advance.
If the itinerary of your tour does not include any flight tickets, logically the prices must not vary depending on early reservation. But the case is; since there are less customers during winter time, tour operators need money to be able to keep running the tours they promise even with insufficient number of participants. In order to get a small part of the money in those hard times, most will be happy to offer you the winter prices for summer time if you agree on making the payment in the winter.
But while making your reservation do not forget that most of time the advance payments done are non-refundable. So, do not pay for a trip that you are not sure about yet because paying for nothing is more expensive than a last minute booking.
Turkey Holiday Packages


Book Your Accommodation in Istanbul on Your Own

Online hotel booking websites offer incredibly cheap prices for the hotels in Istanbul. It is a good idea to leave the rest of the bookings to your travel agent but for your accommodation in Istanbul, choose one of these sites like
Travel agencies used to have good prices for Istanbul hotels but today as more customers are coming from, hotels apply better prices for them. The only disadvantage of these websites are the fake reviews and comments about the hotel. If the hotel owner has many friends his hotel has a higher rating but your travel agent who will be taking care of the rest of your itinerary in Turkey probably knows the city well – for sure better than you do – and ask her which one to choose. If she is a decent person, she will not say “No” only because she wants to make more money over you. Any smart travel agent would help you about it knowing that helping you means more customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction means recommendation and recommendation means more customers.
If she refuses you,  you should re consider your choice before making any payment. Please remember that you can take your money back but the time never comes back. Do not let anybody to destroy your vacations.
Have a nice travel in this precious country.
[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Alexa BAHAR is a travel agent working in Turkey Tour Packages by Azule Tours since the foundation of the travel agency in 2004. She is a recommended and a trusted travel agent. Her area of expertise is Ephesus Tours but she is still very experienced all around Turkey.[/author_info] [/author]

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