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We Aussies are very lucky. From Uluru to the Great Barrier Reef to modern day delights like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there’s a wealth of amazing sights right here on our doorstep that bring a hoard of international travelers to our shores each year. And yet, how much of it can you really claim to have seen? And remember, religiously watching Getaway doesn’t count.

Uluru | Australia Driving Holidays


Inspiring you to cast aside the humdrum of the daily commute and take the trip of a lifetime, Umi Loans has hit the maps to pull together an ultimate list of Australia driving holidays. If you finally had the funds for that 4×4, where would the wind take you?

Perth to Albany coastline: 673km

This trip is custom made for those who like to wine and dine. You can use your car to get from one amazing culinary experience to another as you trip from Perth’s cosmopolitan eateries to Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip and Margaret River’s world renowned wineries. If you’re a fan of nature you won’t be disappointed either: swim with the dolphins, watch whales or scuba dive to the backdrop of the white sandy beaches between Bunbury and Busselton.

Darwin/Kakadu to Uluru: 2,193km

A bit more challenging this one, but worth every kilometre – just make sure you allow a week to take it all in. With roads built for the intrepid traveller (and a semi-decent four wheel drive), this route will take you through the heart of Australia’s outback and regions steeped in centuries of Aboriginal culture. Get back to nature by taking a dip in the sparkling thermal pools of Mataranka, marvelling at the Devil’s Marbles and sleeping under the watchful eye of millions of stars at the base of Uluru.

Adelaide to Uluru: 1,637km

As either an extension of your trip from Darwin or a standalone experience, the drive between the ‘City of Churches’ and one of Australia’s most significant natural wonders is not to be missed. The laid back café culture of South Australia’s state capital and the lush greenery of the famous Barossa Valley wine region provides a stark comparison as you break past the Flinders Ranges and into Outback territory, with plenty to keep your passengers’ faces glued to the glass.

Melbourne to Adelaide: 1,015km

The Great Ocean Road winds its way through some of the most breathtaking coastline you’ll ever see. Soft limestone rock juts out of beautiful blue ocean and the unrelenting waves caused by the Bass Strait make this stretch of Australia a surfer’s paradise. South Australia’s coast is pretty special too: Robe is a seaside holiday town that’s well worth the visit and make time for a little jaunt to secret paradise, The Granites. Put the surfboard on the roof and get your camera ready.

Melbourne to Sydney: 1,122km

From one culture capital to another, Melbourne and Sydney bookend some of Australia’s most dramatically beautiful coastline, where you can drive from cove to cove. Drop down to the lower Victoria coast to kick back on the Ninety Mile Beach, fighting with the seals for beach space; check into quaint little fishing villages and spend time at the Gippsland Lakes, Australia’s largest inland water formation. Explore the brilliant white sands of Jervis Bay, then admire the extraordinary feat of engineering that is Sea Cliff Bridge just outside of Sydney. A great journey for lovers of seafood.

Sydney to Brisbane: 918km

If you haven’t done the journey from Sydney to Brisbane yet, why on earth not? As Australia’s top tourism drive, the route along the Pacific Ocean holds the key to hot, sandy beaches and amazing waves you’d be crazy not to surf on. Byron Bay and the Gold Coast are a must, but don’t be afraid to stray from the highway – you’ll find the best beaches and towns that way. The hinterlands along this route are home to national parks of outstanding beauty, so if the sea is not for you, you’ll find some inland treats too.

Brisbane to Far North Queensland: 1,798km

As you journey north from Brisbane through the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains and the beach beauty of Noosa, you enter a tropical paradise which is home to one of the earth’s most significant natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. For those with a great utility vehicle, take a trip to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand formation. After a short ferry ride, you can drive along 50km of surf beach – we’d challenge you not to enjoy every minute of it.

If you take all of the above mentioned routes, some of them or you choose the only one its up to you and depends on how much time do you have for your Australia driving holiday. You will definitely enjoy it!

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