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We all know how much of a pain it can be to have to pay out insane amounts of quid any time we go somewhere that could be considered a tourist destination. We can’t exactly blame the folks in those areas, as they have realized they could make money, but that doesn’t mean we have to pay for it either. So just because you may be stopping by to tour Rome does not mean you have to eat at the kinds of places that will leave a giant hole in your pocket. There are plenty of other locations to be found and some even near those crazy tourist attractions like the coliseum or pantheon.


Trattoria Luzzi is hardly a five minute walk from the Coliseum and yet probably the cheapest meal you will find anywhere in Rome short of making your own food. It tends to be best to sit outside when you go about eating here, and avoid getting pizza during Lunch for the most part, but if you are not picky about how tasty your meal is and just looking for something cheap then this is the place for you. It has been known to have rude staff at times, but the key to remember is having a good time, which is what many of the staff will do, since they are just a bit quirky.

Best Places to Eat in Rome



This pizzeria comes in as a wonderful choice for all things pizza and shows the real style of good Roman pies. The pizzeria Remo is located within the Santa Maria Liberatrice Piazza and you should be aware that they only really serve dinner. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit, this is definitely not the place. Considering it has been going strong for a good seventy plus years, it has accumulated a reputation within the local community and therefore tends to always be filled with rowdy locals. Just remember the pizza here isn’t just great, it is made to order. You can’t get any better than that, except that it also happens to be some of the cheaper pizzerias around.

 Best Places to Eat in Rome


Ugo e Maria

If you are looking more for one of the old fashioned family-run restaurants then Trattoria da Ugo e Maria is the location you want. It is hardly a five minutes on foot from the Pantheon and yet can be rather difficult to find. There is only one sign and it will read ‘Trattoria’, so hopefully you’ll be able to navigate your way through the alley to it. You can find all sorts of dishes at this place, and the menu is always changing, but the pastas are always a good choice as they are actually daily made from dough. The prices aren’t incredibly cheap, but it is an experience you will not find at any major restaurant in Rome.


It is impossible to talk about the greatest and lesser known places to eat in Rome without mentioning this spectacular place. The Palatium is somewhat close by the Spanish Steps and takes a combination of the Italian world while combining it with a touch of American coffee-house. The place is run by the organization that essentially controls the main grown crops for Rome’s region, and so you’ll find some of the best quality food. Unfortunately the prices aren’t incredibly great, but for a dinner option they are some of the cheapest for something high end. You’ll find some wonderful dishes here that are quite exotic like mint ravioli.

There are of course hundreds of other restaurants you can encounter all across Rome. The best option is to actually just get yourself lost and enjoy exploring and touring Rome as you see fit. You are bound to find some interesting things. The key really is to get off the beaten path of all the same tourist trap locations! Otherwise you are just getting the same experience in Rome that all the tourists are. Why not see the real Rome?

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