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Italians are known for their love and passion of food, so why not take a trip there to find out what it’s all about? Not only can you visit some of the world’s most incredible historical sites, such as the coliseum or the Vatican, but why not integrate a bit of chocolate tasting along the way? We’ve hand-picked several cities that are a must to visit for chocolate lovers on holiday in Italy.




Attention all chocolate fans – if you want to attend one of the largest gatherings of chocolate enthusiasts in the world then you must visit The Chocolate Show! The magnificent and tasty event is held in Perugia every year and features the largest showcase of chocolate producers in Italy. Over 100 growers, manufacturers and sellers exhibit under the 4 categories; Stand (general craft and miniature stalls), Boutique (prestigious and luxury brands), Equochocolate (the Fairtrade variety) and Gluten Free. Next year the event is held between 18th and 27th October 2013 – find out more information at


If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the Umbrian festival then your best bet is to head for Cioccolosità held in the city of Monsummano Terme in Tuscany every two years (next event 2013). When not being over-run with chocolatiers, the city plays home to natural hot caves, a prestigious 18-hole golf course and a stunning nature reserve. But when the chocolate event comes to town the city comes alive with the smell, sight and taste of handmade cocoa treats. Experts are on-hand to teach you about the flavours and processes and you are more than welcome to take a souvenir home for friends and family – if you don’t eat them all first!

Italian Chocolate Cake - Holiday in Italy

Italian Chocolate Cake


If you can’t make it to Italy during the chocolate festivals, visiting Sicily will guarantee you get your chocolate fix at time of the year. Heading to the tiny but world-renowned town of Modica, you will find many of the best chocolate-producing companies in Italy; including L’Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.  After launching the patisserie and dessert shop back in 1880, the owner Francesco used ancient Aztec recipes to get back to the heart and origins of cocoa chemistry. His passion and tradition still thrives in the business over 130 years later and his handmade delights are sought-after worldwide. If you manage to pop in then the Vanilla & Cinnamon Chocolate, Arabian Orange, Biscotti and Nucatoli varieties are the ones to try!  As expected, they may not accept credit or debit cards so change your money before you go. Travelex offer competitive rates and will buy back your money if you don’t spend it all.


If day-trips to chocolate houses or all-day or weekend chocolate events don’t quench your thirst for tasty delights then the Chocolate World teaching & tasting event (followed by luxurious hotel stay) is the way to go! Bologna Arts Hotels present an evening which teaches participants about the history of cocoa, the plant-to-wrapper process and what it takes to be a master chocolatier. Along the way you will receive a selection of tasty delicacies including 1 hot chocolate, 2 milk chocolates, 3 rich dark chocolates, 3 chocolates with cocoa and a choice of 3 specially flavoured chocolate varieties. Included in the price is an overnight stay at the Hotel Corona d’Oro plus bed & breakfast.

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