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Copenhagen, the largest city and the capital of Denmark enjoys the reputation of being the main financial center of the region. Though its main revenue derives from research and developments with a large number of institutions that provides world class quality of equipments and other infrastructure for research and development, it has grown exponentially as a business center in past few years. With its busy harbor, it also plays an important role in international trade. The name ‘Copenhagen’ originally derived from a Danish word that implies ‘Merchant’s Harbor’. This itself indicates that the city was founded with an objective to be a busy business centre. I had to spend about a month in connection with my research in this city. The experience was so thrilling that I planned to visit the city once again. When I visited this city the next time, it was purely a personal trip and I took my wife and two children too along with me.

Being a personal trip, I tried hard to get cheap tickets. I had a number of discussions with many agents who vouch to offer best airline deals. Being a city that is being visited by a large number of visitors, many major international airlines such as British Airways, Air France etc are operates flights to Copenhagen.

As I spent about a month in the city in my earlier trip, I understood the city in a perfect way. The specialties of the city that attracted me were the presence of open places and the path for bicycling. Cycling around the city through these bicycling paths was really a great experience. As I have made some good acquaintances during my last stay here, I did not find any difficulty in hiring bicycle for me and my family. We really enjoyed the city life traveling all over on the two wheels of the cycle.



There are many historical structures in the city. Marble church and Amalienborg Palace are two such important places. We spent a lot of time in the Amalie Garden that is in the foreground of these two structures. Though there are many parks in the city, the most attractive one is the Rosenborg Park. It has a large lawn for playing and there are facilities for different types of recreation too. The presence of huge Rosenborg Castle is an added beauty to the entire park.



Our next stop in the city was the beautiful sandy beaches of the city. It has three beaches and you can reach there by just 30 minutes on your bicycle. The life over there seems to be more active than inside the city. The evenings are busy there with a large number of visitors and wayside vendors. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Copenhagen by many airlines, there are a large number of foreigners too visiting the city. Most of the visitors will not leave the city without enjoying the beach life. Thus we too enjoyed the life there and decided to visit this place again with cheap flights to Copenhagen.

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