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Florida is famous being the number one citrus capitals; they are known to have very superior acres of citrus groves that produce grapefruits limes and oranges from time to time. As a matter of fact Florida is known to be the state growers of Florida Oranges, in many countries the oranges are labeled as Florida Oranges really a product of Florida. Here are some foods that you can also try while in Florida.

Florida Stone Crab

Is also famous in Florida but it is in a seasonal occasion, they are only harvested from mid-May up to mid October. These delicious claws are always in high demand from May to October. The stone Crab is steamed or boiled, and then cracked and chilled some of the restaurants in Florida also served it with mushroom sauce.

Foods to Eat While in Florida

Stone Crab

Cuban sandwich

This sandwich is piled high with roast pork loin, Swiss cheese, ham and pickles. There are two kinds of Cuban sandwich the 1st one is called the Toasted Cuban Sandwich it is cooked as toasted to warm crunchiness. The other one is the Cuban Midnight Sandwich rolls are stuffed turkey sliced ham, Swiss cheese, then grilled or baked until the cheese is melted.


An oyster like sea food, is a bivalve animal. Compared to oyster they usually swim under the water. In Florida they served it either baked, fried or sautéed.

Rock Shrimp 

Rock shrimp is different from an ordinary shrimp it is hard, tough exoskeleton or shell it is not very popular in the market until piece of equipment was discovered to split the headed shrimp. Rock Shrimp is very easy to prepare just drop in a pot of boiling salted water and after few seconds you can already rinse it with warm water then it is ready to serve.

Foods to Eat While in Florida

Rock Shrimp

Spiny Lobster

It is served in Florida with Pesto Pasta and Tomato-Basil Relish, the lobster is cooked in unsalted butter with ground pepper to taste, and the sauce is made up of garlic, fresh basil, red wine vinegar, and of course the tomatoes. The availability of this recipe in Florida is depend on the season, but when the season of Spiny lobster comes most of the restaurant served this recipe.

Smoked fish

This fish is cooked with salt and light darning, the fish needs to be smoke for more than 3 hours. The serving of this smoked fish is fried, and best to partner it with garlic and tomato, in Florida they served this most of the time for breakfast.

Gator Tail

In Florida alligator is also considered as recipe, it is very easy to find at major restaurants in Florida.  Gator tail is a dish consisting of alligator tail or meat which have been floured or buttered and fried to pan, pressure fried or deep fried. It is best served with dipping sauce compose of mayonnaise, brown mustard and red wine mix together in one bowl.

Foods to Eat While in Florida

Fried Gator Tail

Florida Key Lime Pie

Is the most famous dessert that you will have in Florida since they have the best orange and lime in the world you will expect that the pie made from Lime would be very great. It is a dessert made of key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk egg yolks and pie crust, and it is topped with soft whipped cream.

Ice cream

Florida is one of the states in the country with warm weather. That is why cold food is almost everywhere in this place. We all know that Ice cream can cool down the hot temperature. Everyone can’t resist the magical charm that the ice cream can bring. Indulge yourself with a magical scoop of an ice cream!

Enjoy your stay in Florida and Experience the unique taste of Florida’s delicacies.

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