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Planning a trip to Italy? Do you have any idea of the best places to visit? Looking for something different and memorable?  Want to discover some of the romantic destinations in Italy? Gondola Rides in Venice can be the answer. Surely you will enjoy your timing riding in a Gondola.

One of the best ways to enjoy the city of Venice is through Gondola.  It is truly a remarkable experience to see a portion of Venice while gliding through the calm water. During the trip you will definitely feel the romantic ambiance of Venice because you will be serenaded by your gondolier.

Gondola Rides in Venice


Hand built, black, and elegant wooden boats are one of the most famous feature of Venice for so many years. Gondola Rides in Venice have two different routes – the Classic and the Hidden Venice.

Yes it might be expensive, but it’s worth it! A memory to be treasured. Became interested and want to know more?  Here is some information about the Gondola Ride.


  • Like other transportation, you also need to pay the Gondola Ride nothing is free. Almost all modes of transportation has its minimum fare amount. For gondola ride they also made a standard and official fare amount.  But this is minimum only and according to the set rules the amount of the fare can go higher.
  • Ideally the ride will last for forty (40 ) minutes. But it can also be a case to case basis. If you ask for a lower rate then your time will be shorter. At least you experienced to ride a gondola.
  • It’s more romantic and lovely to explore Venice at night most especially the Gondola ride. The Romantic ambiance at night makes the Gondola Fare increase.
  • The boat can only accommodate six (6) people. Because they have the standard minimum fare, it will be good if you will share the ride with other people. In this case you can save your money.
  • For tourist who are staying in the hotel, there will be an additional fee if you will book your Gondola ride with them.
  • However if you want to make your arrangement in advance, book thru online. Search the internet and look for websites that offering cheap price for Italy rides.
Gondola Rides in Venice

In the Gondola


  • If you’re going to ride a Gondola, you should expect that your Gondolier is officially licensed.
  • Must be wearing the proper attire or uniform – striped shirt, black pants and dark closed shoes. Ideally they should be wearing a hat but they don’t usually wear it.
  • Don’t expect that all of the Gondolier sings. Yes there might be some of them but not all of them. Some might give ideas and information about Venice. But for you not to get frustrated much better if you will not expect anything from them.
  • They usually use one oar while standing. Maybe their best way to go though the confined canals.
  • Make sure that before the ride  you will inform your Gondolier if you want to see a particular place.
  • Remember that you’re in Italy and they have their own language. So don’t expect that all of them knows English. But don’t you worry because of the nature of their job most of them can.
Gondola Rides in Venice


Gondola Route

Usually people prefer to take the quiet part rather than the Crowded part. Of course they want to feel and enjoy the romantic ambiance of Venice while riding the Gondola. If you want less traffic then you must take the back canals.

Though the ideal color for Gondola is black, nowadays they usually decorated their boats and change their seats to a more comfortable one. Some of them also provide blankets to make their gondola ride most romantic and comfortable.

Make sure that you bring your camera with you during the Gondola rides in Venice! Enjoy and Have fun!

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