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No matter where you go in New Zealand, legendary nature’s scenery, eye-opening cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife and epic adventure spots are scattered all across the country. Go any direction and you will find a pleasant surprise awaiting for you at every corner, regardless of what you love the most as the country has EVERYTHING!

One of the biggest challenge for the people heading to New Zealand for holidaying is the selection of destinations. The country has countless places that merits a visit. Oh yes…you are short on time. So, here is my list of top 10 places in New Zealand that will keep you under their spell till Doomsday.

1. Tongariro National Park

This is one of the main reasons why millions of travel enthusiasts arrive in New Zealand every year. Nestled on two islands and comprising of 14 national parks that are home to spectacular forests, magnificent mountains, mesmerizing fjords, beautiful rivers and serene volcanoes, the country features a great wealth of landscape diversity.

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Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is situated on the North Island of the country and houses three active volcanoes that are worth exploring. The park also features a large number of exotic species of animals and birds. In the park, many dedicated trails has been developed for climbers, hikers and skiers.

2. The Sky Tower

Positioned in Auckland, the largest and most populous metropolitan in the country, the Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. The best time to visit this landmark structure is during the night hours, when the tower glitters all over.

3. Wai-O-Tapu

Bathing in one of the countless geothermal springs in Wai-O-Tapu not only unwinds you but makes you feel rejuvenated. The carbon dioxide bubbles above the hot water surface and the color of the water at the bottom looks like the nature has opened a bottle of champagne and inviting you to swim in it.

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4.  Wellington Cable Car

The journey begins at Lambton Quay located in the heart of the central commercial area in the capital city of New Zealand and takes the passengers far from the busy metropolitan area to the Botanic Gardens covering panoramic views of the city and harbor.

5. Cathedral Cove

This limestone formation was carved before millions of years.A plenty of bridges and trails inside the cave that are built to help the visitors cross the small streams conveniently and reach the stunning Cathedral structure never fail to win the heart of the visitors.

6. Fiordland National Park

The largest national park in the country and one of the biggest across the world, Fiordland National Park one of the most diverse and treasured ecosystem on the earth. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, fjords, forests, bays and glaciers are major attractions of this park.

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7. Lake Pukaki

One of the most heavenly places in the world, Lake Pukaki is a place to unwind and appreciate the nature’s beauty, its pristine blue waters reflecting the peaks of the Southern Alps.

8. Moeraki Boulders

It’s quite difficult to belive that Moeraki Boulders, stone formations, are created by the mother nature alone without any human intervention. Head to the Koekohe Beach to explore these stone spheres.

9. Punakaiki

Situated on the West Coast of the South Island, this park exhibits Sculptured mountain ridges, fascinating river canyons, enthralling caves, and unique pancake-like limestone formations that will take your breath away.

10. The Beehive

This 10 storey, 72 meter tall, building is home to the executive wing of the Parliament, a major cultural center, and one of the most stunning structure in the capital city.

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