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To take a walking holiday in the Alps is to take a unique/breath-taking holiday of a lifetime. You will revel in spectacular scenery, enticing culture and fantastic food and drink wherever in Europe you decide to take your trip.

The Haute Route

The Haute Route which spans parts of both France and Switzerland is a well-known option for those who are up to the challenge. The classic route from Mt. Blanc to the Matterhorn will take between 9 and 15 days and should only be undertaken by experienced hikers who are exceptionally fit. It is a great challenge even for those who are experience, if you consider yourself up for it then you will enjoy great food, history, culture and some of the most breath-taking views in the world.

Walking Holidays in Europe

Haute Route

This route is 112 miles and the best months to complete it are between June and September when the weather should be at its best.

It’s been voted one of the Top 10 best hiking routes in the world yet it is still considered, by experienced hikers, to not be one of those trails which become vastly overcrowded in the high season. It is also advisable to stay in the hostels which are dotted along the route. This is both an inexpensive and convenient way to do things.


Even if you are an experienced hiker, it’s important to prepare for a trip of this nature. You should consider pre-hiking strength and conditioning training. Get used to stretching before setting off on a hike. Just as you would do a warm-up before any other exercise, you will use big muscle groups on a hike and these should be stretched and warmed-up before you depart.

Walking Holidays in Europe


What to Bring

Men and women’s walking boots are non-negotiable, you need to have a good pair if you’re going to be walking 112 miles. If you’re a woman, getting an appropriate walking boot will save a lot of potential pain and blisters. Merrell are a brand worth considering when looking for a good strong walking boot. Their footwear is renowned for offering great comfort and a good, strong, durable but lightweight pair of walking boots will prove the most valuable investment for any walking holiday. If you’re concerned about your feet getting hot it might be worthwhile considering a pair of Merrell sandals as an accompaniment to your boots. These offer classic Merrell support but in a sandal style so will be a breath of fresh hair for your feet.

 Walking Holidays in Europe

Mt. Blanc

Once you’re suited and booted (mind the pun) you should turn your attention to other necessities; cash, maps, water and a good backpack that can be positioned properly on your back to avoid discomfort and injury on your walk.  You can get a full hiking check list here so you can see if there’s anything else that you might need.

When you’re fully prepped and ready to go you will be embarking on one of the greatest and most beautiful trips of your life so one last thing – take a camera to capture it!

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