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There are places on earth that seem to be a magnet to tourists. It could be because of their natural attractions, their rich history, their food and culture, or a combination of all of them. Sometimes, people go to a certain place no matter how far it is because it is where they can pursue their passion in life.

Surfers Paradise From Above | Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise From Above

If Australia happens to be next on your list of travel destinations, there’s a suburb in the state of Queensland that lures traveler from all over the world for its many delights: Surfers Paradise. The name alone already conjures up images of big waves and fun activities on the sand. Despite the name, though, Surfers Paradise is not only about, well, surfing. It is also the site of many high-rise apartment buildings and resorts that impress, entertain, and relax the tired body and spirit.

What makes this premier suburb a ‘paradise’? Here are some of the reasons:


It wouldn’t be named as such for nothing. The suburb has a wide surf beach where not only surfers will have a great time on, but also lovers of beach activities in general. It is one of the best places to soak up the Queensland sun. So if it’s that great combination of sun, sand and sea that floats your boat, this is the place to be in Oz.

Great accommodations

Surfers Paradise actually accounts for 41% of all accommodations on the Gold Coast, so it would be an ideal (if not the best) base to explore the region. From hotels that give spectacular views of the ocean to fully furnished apartments, there is an array of choices to suit every taste, preference, and budget.

Surfers Paradise | Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise


The suburb’s calendar is dotted with a host of events that are free to the public. The annual Surfers Paradise Festival is annual event that celebrates local music, food, fashion, art and film from March to April. Although it is targeted to residents of the Gold Coast, no one’s stopping any tourist from across the globe to participate in it. Whether it’s a sporting or cultural event you’re looking to participate in or spectate, there won’t be a shortage of gatherings in this famed suburb.

Surfers Paradise Early Morning | Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Early Morning

Beachfront markets

If you’re a bargain or treasure hunter, be sure to book your holiday to cover a Wednesday and/or a Friday as these are when the nights literally light up with at Gold Coast Night Markets. Feast your eyes on a showcase of handmade and homegrown products, jewelry, accessories, artworks, beauty products, and just about anything you can imagine.

Truly, this Queensland suburb is a paradise in many ways. What are you waiting for? Find out more on the many types of accommodations and delights in this place and have the time of your life.

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