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    “You’d better book your travel early, otherwise you could pay double at the last minute,” you remember your friend told you once. It might be true in the past, when traveling was a luxurious thing and people bought convenience. In fact, today you can save up to three-fourths of the normal expenses if you are able to grab the Last Minute Travel offer, which is a pretty good deal.

last minute travel

How can that be possible?

The demand for flights and hotel rooms are low because there are too many hotels and too many flights offered by the airways. However, business must go on that companies have to develop strategies to sell, for instance, letting people buy flights and room at a cheap or discounted price. It is better to earn small profit than to sell nothing at all. The only downsize is that you have to act quickly because the offer usually don’t last long.

How to get Last Minute Travel done?

The easy way is to have a travel agent put a travel package together for you. Travel agents usually buy packages in bundles, which are cheaper and they can include hotel, flights and other amenities to attract more customers. However, if they don’t sell all the packages, the remaining packages will be sold at cheaper price. Ask the travel agents if the packages are available. It will be a nice bargain if they do and you can save a lot of money. Plus, you have nothing to lose by asking about it.

For example, you go on a cruise to the Caribbean without really making a plan in advance if you act quickly in doing research and taking the deal. Visit websites that offer cheap or bargain travel packages for last minute travel. Another example was when I got a very nice deal for a flight from Jakarta to Bali. I was at the airport in Jakarta at 2 p.m. when I asked the airline about the price for a flight on that afternoon. There was a flight on 6 p.m. cost Rp. 350,000 (approx. €30,-) and I took it right away.

Getting on last minute travel doesn’t mean you can just sit down and do nothing. You need to do some research and act quickly. The deals are out there but you need to look for them. Be proactive in finding information about the last minute travel deal, either you do it by yourself or decide to get help from travel brokers.

Before you really go on the trip, ask yourself a few questions when you do your research:

  • Are the packages offered for popular places?
  • Where can you go with the money you have at that moment?
  • Are the prices of last minute travel deals provided by the agents reasonable?

    Finding a Last Minute Travel deal is not an easy work. You need to be patient and persevere to find what you want. Be proactive in getting as much information as possible. Make sure you get the right information on the travel and spend your money wisely.

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