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    Accommodation usually takes a big part of your money for traveling. To find affordable hotel or hostel is important especially  for those, who are on  tiny budget.  In this article you will find great tips, how to spot Last Minute Hotel Deals easier and quicker.


Last Minute Hotel Deals

9 Tips for Last Minute Hotel Deals

1. Make sure that you are flexible when it comes to your itinerary. Prepare a secondary set of dates in case you don’t get your first choice.

2. You may consider to book hotel together with car rentals. They are usually cheaper and help you ease the concern on transportation during your travel.

3. Don’t be afraid that you would get an inconvenient room if you take the bargain or discounted rate. In fact, many hotels are not always reserved to the maximum capacity. Some nice rooms, offered in lower rates, are usually available. What you need to do is ask for it. Don’t be afraid to ask, especially if you are planning to have a nice, comfortable place to stay while saving some money.

4. Ask about cancellations or last-minute check-in specials. Since hotels are not always booked to capacity, you can get advantage of it and get a cheaper rate.

5. If you get the rate you want, remember to confirm it with the hotel when you are about to check in. Make sure that you get the right room at the right price.

6. Book your flight first, and then book the hotel. This way you may get more offers on travel packages, especially for last minute travelers.  This kind of deal will not be available should you book your hotel first. People who fly tend to stay at a hotel. But people who stay at hotel do not always need to fly.

7. Check for family discounts and frequent guest offer. If they certain requirements are needed, ask how you can be eligible. Some of the offers require membership, which can be obtain free of charge. The trick is, they won’t tell you if you don’t ask.

8. If you are not picky about staying in pricey, luxurious hotel, there more options for you. You can try bread and breakfast lodging, motels and self-sufficient apartments.  You can also inquire about guesthouses. Those places will save you a lot of money. Most of the time, you don’t stay in your room too long during your travel. You only need the room to sleep, anyway.

9. Most hotels offer free breakfast. Ask if the rate you pay includes breakfast. This way, you can save expenses on food.

3 Tips for Car Rentals

1. Get a compact vehicle if you can to save the rental cost (unless you’re too tall to drive one).  Ask about available discounts and other package deals.  Ask for weekend deals, daily deals and weekly deals. Don’t be surprised with what you find. Compare the deals to find the best rates.

2. You should also check on insurance coverage. If you can use your personal insurance without paying extra to the rental company, you will save some money. Most insurance will cover any damages on rental cars. Check you insurance policy to make sure.

3. Check the Internet. Car rental companies usually have special deals or discount coupons available online. Don’t get stuck with only one company. Check different websites and compare them for the best deal.

    Go ahead and use these money savings and easy to follow tips for Last Minute Hotel Deals and car rentals when you will planing your next trip. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, so also they can find a good deals!

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