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    Wherever the destinations are and whatever the occasions of your travel are, food is a very important aspect on your travel list. But, if you go to restaurant for every meal, it will sweep all the notes on your wallet. So, the cheapest way to save your money on food while you’re traveling is to cook your own food. Some people love to cook, but one thing for sure, when they are traveling, they don’t even bother to cook complicated food and complicated to eat. They are looking more to the portable ones that they can carry everywhere and easy to eat. One thing that they need to solve this problem is Recipes for Travel. There are 2 kinds of Recipes for Travel, the recipe for main courses and for snacks. Here are Top 5 Easy Recipes for Travel.

* Avocado Pasta Salad

Recipes For Travel

Avocado Pasta Salad

The main ingredient of this salad are pasta with avocado dressing which could filled up your stomach without any other side dishes. Keep it in an ice box to cool it for one hour before serving to make it tastes fresh. Add some more vegetables or cooked chicken or stir tuna or anything else that you like. It is very easy to make but it has rich taste. It is very convenience to bring or to make when you are traveling. Read more…

* Tijuana Torta

Recipes For Travel

Tijuana Torta

A Mexican vegetarian torta like burritos, the only thing that makes it different is the “wrapper”, use the baguette instead of tortilla. Consists a lot of protein since beans is the main filling and add a lot of melted cheese for the calcium. Replace or add the beans with grounded beef if you like to have meet inside. It consist 342 calories per serving if you need to calculate calories for your diet. Why this one is one of the best Recipes for Travel, because it is very easy to make and you can even eat it while you are driving your car. Read more…

* Matt Armendariz’s Caprese Sticks

Recipes For Travel

Matt Armendariz’s Caprese Sticks

If you are a salad lover, or a vegetarian or would like to have salad on the plane or while waiting for boarding quickly, this salad recipe is the best for you. It is sounds funny, salad on sticks? Well just put together some cherry tomatoes, mozarella balls, fresh basil or other vegetable you like on sticks and you are ready to go. Then you can have you salad on sticks anytime you want. Read more…

* Spanish Omelette

Recipes For Travel

Spanish Omelette

A Spanish recipe with eggs and potatoes as the main ingredients that you can find everywhere that makes this recipe as one of the best for Recipe for Travel. It is good for breakfast, easy to make and very convenience to cook specially after long flight or drive from the day before. Add more vegetables like paper or spinach if you are a vegetarian, or add some chopped sausage or bacon if you are a meat lover. Spinach Omelette definitely is a mus on your choice of  Recipe For Travel. Read more…

* Chicken Stir-Fry

Recipes For Travel

Chicken Stir-Fry

Last but not least is the Chicken Stir-Fry. It needs only 25 minutes to cook. It is easy and delicious. The aroma of the garlic and the chicken mix with the sauce just cannot beat anything. If you are using beef, make sure to freeze it an hour before cooking and slice it very thin to be faster to cook and softer to chew. Start to cook the rice while you prepare the vegetables, sauce and other ingredients so that it will be ready at the same time. What more sounds mouth watering than hot steam rice with some slice of beef or chicken and vegetables in your mouth. Read more…

    From now on, you don’t need to worry of spending a lot of money on food when you are traveling. Save or print some of the recipes from Smart Cheap Travel . Check out more Recipes for Travel on the next posts with different kinds of recipes. Subscribe for more info about Recipes for Travel and great travel deals.

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