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The car hire industry throughout the world is evolving all the time as it becomes a more popular means of travel for people of all demographics.  In some countries around the world, and in particular Australia and New Zealand, the industry is changing quicker than in others, with trends that are changing not just the face of car rental, but of tourism as a whole.
In these locations, offering relocation vehicles are becoming a popular way for car rental firms to ensure that the cost of relocating vehicles is low and that they have the necessary cars and campervans at each hire station, while for those looking to travel it provides an additional option to the usual travel arrangements.
Relocation Cars in Australia

The Red Core of Australia

What is Car Relocation?

As we’ve already alluded to, car rental companies want to ensure that they have the right type of vehicles at each hire station for their customers. One of the big changes in the car hire industry has been the growth in one-way rental vehicles, as this provides a more cost effective solution for those who need a vehicle.
While this is great for consumers, it leaves you in a sticky situation if all of your vehicles are heading away from one city and ending up in another, leaving a particular location short. The vehicles that need to be returned thus become relocation vehicles.
In the background, the costs of car transportation are increasing all the time, meaning rental companies would be severely hitting their margins if they paid out to move cars across the country every week. To save money, rental companies now hire out the vehicles free of charge, on the condition that they are returned to the town or city requested.
Relocation Cars in Australia

Camper Van

All Round Benefits

There are many benefits attached to this type of service, both for the hire company and those using the cars. For rental firms, they save a lot of money against the cost of using a transportation company, now only having to insure the vehicle and fill the fuel tank when it is returned, as well as having an efficient solution for moving their vehicles around. It is a great deal for travelers, too, as they can also save themselves a fortune against the usual cost of hire, while having the added bonus of free use of the vehicle for a specified time, meaning they can visit popular landmarks or towns while moving a car from A to B.
Relocation Cars in Australia

The Twelve Apostles

Dream Holidays

Intriguingly, it means that dream destinations, such as Australia and New Zealand as mentioned above, are now a possibility for millions more people, considering that the cost of a holiday can potentially be reduced massively. All that is left for travelers to do is find out where relocation vehicles are available, and decide where they would like to visit the most. A budget holiday used to mean sub-standard accommodation, a cheap flight, and not having many experiences that you will remember forever. That has now changed.
Life doesn’t often throw up a genuine ‘win win’ situation for us to enjoy, but relocation vehicles is definitely one of them.
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