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    For most of the people, traveling is their passion in blood. It just came without they considering it. Some other found traveling is addicting after they have their experience. But, there are also some travelers who found their passion after reading some Travel Review Sites. After reading some travel site, about travel experiences and some nice pictures on the posts, people tent to have a desire of traveling. They want to see the other part of the world. The nature, the culture, the food, the architecture or even the people. There are many kinds of Travel Review Sites that can be found, but not all of them are informative and useful. In this post, we will list 5 travel sites that have many information that other travelers could use.

Travel Review Sites

Travel Review Sites

My Life is a Trip

This writer of this blog is a professional writer of Los Angeles Times and New York Times who is also a photographer named Jen Pollack Bianco who fell in love in a world travel blogging. It is no doubt that her site is one of the top travel sites according to since she include very nice pictures and very nice writing. She also included hotel reviews on her site that can help the reader to gain information for their travel plan. Her style of writing is simple that people can enjoy and continue reading her other posts. Make sure to bookmark this travel site on your browser.

travel sites - my lifes a trip

My Life’s a Trip


Are you looking for traveling tips for  camping in Europe? or 15 best restaurants in Barcelona? or things to see during your adventure in Beijing, China? this is the right travel site to read. TravelPress is a website that provides information, travel tips, and inspirations to help the travel lovers to find great places to visit with great deals. That is not all, you can find nice pictures for your inspiration to find the place you want to visit for your travel experience. This travel site is worthy to be one of the option of your travel sites to read for your travel references.

Travel Review Sites - TravelersPress


The Vacation Gals

This travel site is represent of three gals who are professional travel writers and also moms who travels a lot either for business or vacation. Mostly, they travel with the family, so this is not the right travel site if you are seeking information about backpacking. They tend to write about their own vacation, review about cities, hotels or resorts they have experienced. So, if you are a mom that need helpful travel tips for your family vacation, these 3 ladies is the right answer. They also have discovered new travel gear, latest travel news and helpful travel tips. The fun part of this site is that on some post they include contest that readers can win some prizes. Would you skip this travel site? Better save this on your bookmark travel folder.

Travel Review Sites - The Vacation Gals

The Vacation Gals

Nomadic Matt

Matt started his real traveling when he was 23 years old. He discovered how you can travel better, cheaper and longer. He wrote tips, travel blogs, travel guides and also include travel store on his website in order to help the readers to find every thing they need with cheap price. An American who decided to quit his cubical job and travel around the world has written more than 60 countries travel guides where you can find information about things to do, place to eat, island gateway or backpacking trip. No matter what kind of vacation you are going on, you can find the guides on this travel site. This is the best travel site you can rely on to plan your trip with great deals.

Travel Review Sites - Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

Travel Blog

Last but not least is Traveling Blog. It is a travel site where you are not only be able to read travel blog, but you can also contribute to post your travel experiences. This site is not only helping you to increase your passion in traveling but also increase your creativity in delivering your travel experiences on your own blog. Read other blogger experiences from all around the world and you can be part of it. Contribute yourself in inspiring other people for traveling as this blog inspired you. What are you waiting for? Start to write blog and write your first travel experience now on.

Travel Review Sites - Travel Blog

Travel Blog

You read, you are inspired. Then you write and inspire other. Those are what you will find on the travel sites. Be one of them and inspire others by writing your own travel site.

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