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Traveling is not always a straight forward to experience but modern technology helps us to be prepared for many eventualities. Below I’ve listed the top five travel apps that you should be downloading before you leave the airport lounge.


Cost: Free

This handy little app is the prefect guide for those looking for things to do in foreign cities. All you have to do is tell where you are, how long you’ll be there and it will show you all the best attractions and landmarks on its own map.

Tripomatic also enables you to plan your sightseeing strategy with its built-in calendar and map function. Now you don’t have to carry a huge sightseeing book around with you which marks you out as a tourist. This app is free as well which means if you don’t like it you haven’t lost anything; I’d definitely recommend Triptomatic as an essential app for the curious traveler.

Travel Apps



Cost: Free

Where to sit on the plane is not a major concern for me. I’m quite happy to sit wherever but I’m aware that other people are a bit picky. That’s where SeatGuru comes in, recently acquired by Trip Advisor the app allows you to look at reviews of certain seats on a wide range of aircrafts from different airlines around the world. It lets you know what other people thought of the leg room, view of the TV or even the vicinity to the toilet.

The SeatGuru app also has the capability to book flights on the go for those seeking a last minute getaway. The final major feature is the live flight update service so you can keep track of what time your plane is coming in and if everything is on schedule etc.

Travel Apps

Seat Guru


Cost: Free

Have you ever been on holiday somewhere on a whim or strayed a too far from your hotel during the day’s sightseeing? Didn’t have time or local knowledge to organize somewhere to stay? Well fortunately, you installed HotelTonight onto your device. Phew.

This free app allows you to search cities across Europe and North America for nearby hotels so you’ll never be caught out. It doesn’t just show your local hotels, it gives you the lowdown on all the best offers as well as. Definitely a go to app for the traveller who likes to take things as they come.

Travel Apps

Hotel Tonight

TravelSafe Pro

Cost: £0.99

Going abroad can be a daunting experience but the TravelSafe Pro app will give you a bit of peace of mind. The app lists the emergency phone numbers for pretty much every country in the world. So in the worst case scenario you won’t be panicking trying to guess the emergency contact number.

Travel Apps

Travel Safe


Cost: Free

There are few things more frustrating than being in the midst of a sightseeing trip around a foreign city when your stomach gets in the way. It is incredibly hard to contrite with your stomach rumbling but how to find what you fancy in a strange city? That is where Foodspotting comes into its own.

Just fire up the app and within minutes you’ll have listings for all the restaurants in the local area so you won’t be without a choice. The app is crowd sourced so you won’t be going into any restaurants without any idea of what to expect. Reviews and tips accompany most listings so you’ll know what the best things to order on the menu is and what to avoid.

Travel apps

Food Spotting

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