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    As I mentioned last week, in today’s article  we will introduce overview of possibilities to build Travel Packing List by the help of modern technology. By using specialized Travel Packing List App for our packing list, we can do it easier, more accurate, avoid forgetting something important and cut off the time of preparing it.

Universal Travel Packing List App

Globe | Travel Packing List App

This is a web-based application in current version 9.8.1. Universal Packing  (UPL) is definitely not a newcomer and according to the information on the website has been online since April 1993.  It allows you to generate custom Travel Packing List for any kind of Journey.  It is very easy to use. You just need to setup things like start and end of the trip, max. and min. temperature, your gender, what kind of accommodation are you going to use, if you travel with children, how big is your bag, etc. The author really thought about everything. There are 2 versions of the application, one is simple and one is with the map, where you can choose which countries you plan to visit and UPL will adjust the list according to that. There is also an option to send generated Travel Packing List to your email address. You can try Universal Packing List for FREE here.

universal travel packing list | Travel Packing List App

Packing Pro

iPhone | Travel Packing List App

It is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch optimized Travel Packing List App in current version 8.0. Chosen as the best travel app for iPhone by National Geographic. It has advanced functions like syncing & sharing options, huge catalog, sample lists, built-in Expert assistance, iCloud support, CSV import/export, etc. With Packing Pro you can: create unlimited travel packing lists, use packing list samples (typical male, typical female, light & super light) to get ideas, organize and manage your travel packing list, build list quickly and easy with multi-item selection, use advance filter to see only packed/unpacked items, add to each item details like number, weight, value, person, bag & notes and then show the total value or weight of your list. The price is $4.19,-. For unpretentious users, which don’t really need all the advance features, there is also a simpler version available for only $1.29,-. You can download the application here.

Packing pro | Travel Packing List App

Packing List

Android | Travel Packing List App

This is an Travel Packing List App for smart-phones, running  Android operating system. The latest version is 3.1.0. Packing list comes with pre-loaded master Travel Packing List, which allow you to create new list easier by choosing the categories and packing list will generate the list automatically. You can also build the list from scratch or use an existing one. There is also an option to group items by category, luggage and location.  For each item you can add a note, weight and quantity. As a benefit I consider the mass change feature, which allow you to edit your list quickly and easy. The sharing and print features are also integrated. The basic version of the application is for FREE and the full version cost $1.50,-. You can download it here.

Packing List | Travel Packing List App Packing List | Travel Packing List App Packing List | Travel Packing List App

Packing Assistant

Blackberry | Travel Packing List App

If you are a BlackBarry user, this Travel Packing List App is for you. The current version is 1.3. Packing Assistant is an advance travel packing application with beneficial  features for every traveler. It offers unlimited user-customizable packing lists. You can use any list (your own or sample) as a template. There is an option to define properties like number, weight, value and notes for each item. Hundreds of pre-defined items helps you to create list fast with minimum of typing. There is also pre-departure checklist integrated with over 100 items and actions. You can sort your list by packed and/or unpacked items as well as alphabetically by type or item. When you finish creating your travel packing list you can export and share it via email. The price for Packing Assistant is $2.99,- and you can download it here.

Packing Assistant | Travel Packing List App Packing Assistant | Travel Packing List App Packing Assistant | Travel Packing List App

    As you can see the modern technology can really makes our life easier and helps us with preparing Travel Packing List. On the market there are many more Travel Packing List Apps for travel packing purpose. In our article we just focused on the best for every platform. We covered applications for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices as well as one web-based application.

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