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    Bali is known as a notorious touristic place. Many people are visiting Bali to spend the time on the beach or surfing on the waves  and during the night they go to the club to drink beer and dance. Between the local people is Bali known as an island of thousands temples. This reflects the culture and  religion in the island. The most of the residents in Bali (92.29%) are Hindu. Temples are very important for them and in every house have to be one temple facing to the east. In today’s article I will write about one of the most famous Temple in Bali – Pura Uluwatu.

Bali Temples Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Uluwatu was the first of the Bali temples I visited on my trip to Indonesia. The name Uluwatu comes from word ulu, which means head or tip of, and word watu, which means stone.  It is located approx. 18km south from the airport in Bukit peninsula. We went there by car, which we rented in Kuta. The way to the Uluwatu Temple is well signed, so there is no problem for tourists to find it. The entrance fee is Rp. 20000,- ($2.00).  To enter the temple, you have to be properly dressed, but don’t worry, at the entrance there are free sarungs available. First things you will noticed is, that the temple is occupied by the cute looking monkeys. You can even buy some food to feed them, but be careful, I saw one monkey to steal the sandals to one child and another one stolen earring to one girl.

Bali Temples monkey

Monkey with stolen noodles

In the Uluwatu, there is everyday at 7:00p.m. kecak dance performance. You have to pay extra fee of Rp. 70000,- ($7.00) to see this traditional Balinese dance, but it is fully worth of the money.  Who don’t know what is it about watch the video below.

The temple is on the fascinating cliff and some lucky visitors can watch the spectacular sunset, which is in case of clear sky, every day around 6:30p.m. You can also walk and check over the temple, but for me was not so impressive as the other Bali temples.

    If you are in Bali, or you plan to go there for holiday, give a chance also to the Indonesian culture. You don’t need to visit all Bali Temples. Uluwatu is very close to the airport and it is easy to get there, so even if you don’t have a lot of time you can visit it. Spectacular sunset, cute monkeys and traditional Kecak dance will not disappoint you. Smile

Uluwatu temple on Wikitravel.

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