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    Last day of June I attended a Free Hugs Campaign in Bali (FHC) organized by my friend Reni the ambassador of  local Couch Surfing community.  This amazing event is held in Bali every year since 2010. Probably it happens by accident but this year’s FHC  was exactly on the 8 anniversary of the very first Free Hugs Campaign did by his founder Juan Mann 30/6/2004 in Sydney.

free hugs campaign bali

Our “Free Huggers” Team

Why Free Hugs Campaign in Bali?

This question I heard many times during our Free Hugs Campaign in Bali. The answer is easy. Our goal was to reach out and Hug the strangers on the street an brighten up their lives. We all are living in a busy time struggling with our own problems. Instead of personal contact with our friends we are socializing our lives on the Facebook. We forgot about our human site and wondering where our unhappiness comes from. In most of the time Hug is the only thing we need.

free hugs campaign bali

Spreading the Love!!

Free Hugs!! Peluk Gratis!!

We started our Free Hugs Campaign in Bali at 8 p.m in front of the bombing monument in the Legian Street in Kuta. Armed with card-boards with FREE HUGS sign and big Smile. The reaction of people passing us was different. Some of them just “jump” on us to have a Hug. Some were shy but after spreading our arms towards them they can’t resist to come and Hug us. There were also many strangers just passed us without Hug but we conjured up on their faces a huge smile :D. What I will never forget is when I Hugged one old lady, she was so grateful for that, she shake my hand, ask my name and said Thank You! My hug made her happy and this is exactly why we did it.

free hugs campaign bali

Another Free Hug :)

    I am happy if I can make people happy and Free Hugs Campaign in Bali was a wonderful opportunity to make a lot of people happy in a short period of time. Within 3 hours we all together hugged many many (I would like to put here some number, but I didn’t count it :) ) strangers and made their day a bit better. BIG HUG to everyone!!

Watch the official Free Hugs Campaign video!

Useful links:

The official Free Hugs Campaign website

The official website of Free Hugs Founder Juan Mann

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