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The most efficient and elegant method of showing friends the fabulous places you’ve been is with a photograph. Picture it: you’re telling an excerpt from the epic tale of your vacation. You’re attempting to relate to your hypnotized audience the magnificence of a particular waterfall (complete with hand gestures to illustrate the birds; the best stories generally come with hand gestures) when you fall short of words. You simply cannot describe the wonder that you witnessed while abroad.

Pictures Worth One Thousand Words

So now imagine that you have a picture with you. Now you can point to the brilliantly colored birds, dramatically back-light by the sun coming off of the clear water behind them. Isn’t that much easier? With a beautiful picture you need not worry if you are not gifted with the art of storytelling. The image spins the tale for you.


It gets even better: you can share images from your spectacular vacation with all of your friends with the touch of a button. (Well, more than one touch, if you want to get technical about it. ‘By the time you have the picture ready to go it will be extremely easy to share it with many of your friends’ was my point). Not only share them, but make them look like a master photographer got a hold of your phone right before the picture was taken.

That is the beauty of Instagram

Instagram will allow you to set the tone of your picture via filtering the light, and the shape reminiscent of Polaroid portrait evokes a sense of nostalgic charm. This is the ideal presentation for pictures of a vacation, a point in your life that will be recalled upon when you are older.


How I Plan To Use Instagram

I plan to use Instagram for my round the world trip. I want to take pictures of Lizard Island in Australia and capture how blue the water is with my lens. I want people to be able to see all of the dazzling colors of the fish swimming near a coral reef. From there I will photograph the sanctuary of Kangaroo Island, snapping pictures of the majestic cliffs and vast beaches with reckless abandon.


The fun won’t stop there. I will provide for the entertainment of friends and acquaintances our (I’m not traveling alone, after all; I will need someone to take pictures of and with) zany antics at and around Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. The cannons at Mills Mount Battery and Robert the Bruce are among the most likely targets to be “photo bombed”, as it were. Old Rob’s a statue at the entrance, for those unfamiliar with the territory. So he won’t be able to protest much when someone runs through the picture meant to feature only his stone countenance.

Yes, the pictures themselves are going to be wonderful. Then they will be made amazing with just a bit of formatting and wizardry via instagram. This just became spectacular.

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