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A single picture can express what million words or verbal expression can’t! That is the beauty of photographs and that’s what makes travel photography so unique. However, the cost of getting these incredible pictures is quite high! Most of the time traveler photographers defy unusual odds for a single click. And, lugging that heavy equipment kit all the time becomes very pesky.   Though the preference of what a photography kit will contain differs from one traveler to another, there are many things that are common for all. Here’s a quick list:

Re charger 

You may have extra rechargeable batteries, but they might get exhausted at some point. Never forget to include battery chargers for your camera.

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Power Adapter

This is genuinely a common problem that many photographers face. You are aware about the power outlets, type of adapter plugs and power sources in your country. But they change considerably when you travel overseas. It is therefore advisable to research about power source in your destination country and buy suitable adapters.

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Smart Backup

You clicked some fabulous pictures and didn’t bother to see they are stored somewhere safe. Such scenario could be quite devastating. That is why you need good memory cards, portable hard-drives and notebook to keep your hard toiled work safe. Besides, store work online or email it to be double sure about things, in case you lose any of those devises.

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Cleaning Items

Camera is sensitive equipment that requires a lot of care. You can always keep it clean and tidy by brushing it. Keep a gentle brush, cotton pad and soft cloth handy for this. But leave complex cleaning like that of image sensors or any internal parts to be done by professionals only.

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Camera Bag 

It is advisable to keep your photography kit light weight and less explicit. You really don’t want to attract undue attention to really expensive equipment at the hands of muggers. If you are sure you’ll be able to keep your equipment safe you can invest in a good camera case to keep the equipment packed and safe.  The choice of keeping it as a backpack or shoulder bag is again a personal choice.

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Keeping a flash may add extra weight to your kit, but if you are looking for high quality images you will need it. This may also require you to carry extra batteries as well. Carry flash only if you think you’ll take photos at night or require making use of extra light. Due to weight considerations you should always be sure if you need to take it or not while traveling in an area.

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