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As the world gets small with travel getting easier and cheaper, we now have the opportunity to visit countries that we once would have not even imagined be it in Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific. However many of these countries require a travel visa to enter. As a visa specialist we have highlighted our top tips on getting your travel visa in the cheapest way possible:

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1. Explore if you can get a visa on arrival

Depending on your nationality and the type of diplomatic ties your nation has with the country you are visiting, check out the embassy website of where you are visiting. For example, countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan allow visa on arrivals for most countries. However for countries such as India, most foreigners will need a visa, however these is an exception of about 19 countries – one of the main traveller countries include New Zealand where a visa can be obtained on arrival and at a low cost at an Indian port.

2. Make a trip to the embassy

The cheapest way to get your travel visa is to do it yourself, this includes completing the relevant forms, making an appointment and visiting the diplomatic consul to submit your application and full requirements. However, remember that only about 45% of the embassies in London will issue you a same day visa, most might require at least 3 days (China, Russia, India), and others may require up to a month(Algeria). This method of getting your visa might be the most cost effective method if you live in the capital city.

3. Use a registered visa agency

If you do not have the time or cannot afford to visit the capital city, then using a visa agency might be a helpful method. This would allow you to simply post your documentation to a company who shall check your information and then submit the documentation when it has all been prepared. It also takes out the hassle of visiting various embassies. This can also be useful if applying to get travel permits such as a Nigeria visa where multiple visits to an embassy might be required even if there is the slightest error in the requirements.

Cheap Travel Visa

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4. Send your passport back if you are living abroad

This is probably the cheapest method for expats living abroad to get their visas to countries like India, China, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia. Requirements vary for non nationals living in certain countries. Usually spending around £20.00 for a DHL delivery from one point in the world to another point would be very cost effective, as opposed to the waiting time when applying abroad, or flying back to your home country to get your visa.

5. Travel to countries where the visa is the cheapest

In January 2013 the Indian embassy increased the India tourist visa fee from £42.20 to £92.20 for UK nationals. Therefore the price of travel has gone up substantially, especially for groups travelling together. With the average Chinese visa single entry price being £66.00, Russian Single entry visa price being £76.40, Ghana visa price: £70.00 and Nigerian visitor visa: £132.50, travellers are seeking to go elsewhere. Countries where there are either no visa requirements (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia), or countries where the visas are cheap (Cambodia, Vietnam) are certainly becoming more popular with year on year growth.

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