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Business trips can be a necessary and critical expense for any business, small, medium, and large.  At the same time, they can be expensive, incurring costs that can eat into a significant portion of a budget, regardless of the duration of the trip.  In most cases, there are many expenses that can be minimized or eliminated when approached with a savvy and frugal mindset.
You need to meet with new or prospective clients, network and foster business relationships that will likely impact you and your business positively, and you shouldn’t be throwing money out the window in the process.

Business Trip

After Business Trip

Compare Prices Online

Before considering a flight, compare prices online.  There are plenty of travel sites to choose from that allow you to compare flights, hotels, ad car rentals.  Finding good deals online may require you to be flexible in your schedule, so consider creating a schedule that balances productivity with convenience.

Book in Advance

Most business trips aren’t spur of the moment affairs, so you have the opportunity to book a flight and hotel as far in advance as you like.  The more time between today’s date and the date of your departure, the more money you’ll save.  It’s not always going to be a huge savings, but it may impact the bottom line.

Book Mid-Week

While you’re researching flight prices, be sure to aim for a mid-week (Tues/Wed/Thurs) flight.  Flights on these days are almost universally less expensive than the rest of the week.  It might not always be convenient.

Business Trip

Busy Street

Reserve Parking

Like booking your ticket in advance, you can make airport parking reservations rather than showing up the day of your departure and accumulating fees over the course of your trip.  Alternatively, your most frugal option would avoid parking at the airport altogether and instead going for the drop-off option.

Minimize Yourself

Pack as little as possible or at least what you can get away with.  If you can get by with one carry-on bag, you’re golden.  With today’s airline fees popping up everywhere for everything, the less space you take up with your luggage, the less the airline is going to demand from you.

Free Hotel Amenities

When choosing a hotel, find out what amenities the offer without charge, such as wi-fi and breakfast.  If a hotel charges for either of these things, consider it a pass.  If you can’t book a hotel with free wi-fi, but require internet access and have a smartphone, simply use that. Of course, be sure that your phone plan allows hotspot access or tethering so you don’t incur any additional charges, that is, if your phone isn’t rooted and you already enjoy device tethering for free.

Business Trip


Eat Frugally

When you’re alone, or in the company of colleagues, there’s no reason to overspend on food.  If you’re staying in one location for several days, consider stopping by a supermarket and picking up a few essentials rather than dining out.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Billy Chamberlin is an avid, frugal-minded traveler and writer who’s always on the lookout for affordable airport parking and other ways to save on travel expenses.   When he’s not traveling on business, he strums away on the banjo and builds model spacecraft.[/author_info] [/author]

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