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Regular visitors to Scotland recommend the following family travel tips to see the famous Highlands by road. The Highlands are home to multiple points of interest, including holiday parks and historic landmarks. It has often been described as an area travellers visit when seeking Cornwall’s appeal without having to battle hefty tourist crowds. Home to relatively sparse population, the Highlands sit along a serene coastline with many scenic places to stop. If you’re looking to make family travel a pleasurable experience, remember to follow these simple pointers.

Flexible scheduling helps in avoiding overexertion

The Fodor.Com travel blog suggests that travellers schedule enough time to enjoy their surroundings. Past visitors recommend setting aside at three weeks to explore the entire Scottish Highlands. This allows everyone to occasionally stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery without skipping anything along the way due to time constraints. It is impossible to pass through Sutherland during warmer weather without spending a day lounging on the beach.

Family Travel Tips

Eilean Donan Castle Scottland

Advance planning makes driving easier

Travel and Leisure describes three travel routes, providing approximate driving distances between large cities and information on dining facilities along the way. The information is handy when trying to plan meal breaks or determine overnight stops. Advanced planning greatly minimises the cries of “Are we there yet?”

Relaxing at a holiday park makes everyone happy

Holiday parks are the United Kingdom’s equivalent of vacation resorts. Accommodations include fully equipped cottages, camp-sites and recreational vehicle spaces. In addition to amenities like swimming pools and on site children’s clubs, guests have access to private beaches and golfing. A stay at Grannies Heilan’s Hame Holiday Park in the Highlands for a night of two breaks up the monotony that frequently occurs during car trips.

Family Travel Tips

Western Highlands Scottland

Certain travel times are safer

TripAdvisor.Com advises visitors to heed a few points regarding Highlands’ weather. Late autumn and early winter brings shorter daylight that could cause night driving problems for unfamiliar drivers on one-lane roads. From late winter to early spring, frost-covered roads create slippery driving conditions in the morning. Some attractions also closed during colder months due to reduced tourism.

Businesses require proper car hire documentation

Improper documentation destroys a trip before it starts. Car hires, also known as vehicle rentals, primarily go to individuals 25 years of age and older. A few make exceptions for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24. Non-UK residents should ask in advance if they need an international driver’s licence. People with a UK license need to bring their photo card and the paper license to obtain a vehicle.

Taking the family on a vehicle excursion through the Highlands does not have to be a painful process. Advanced planning and a few stops ensure that everyone has a great time. Explore the Scottish Highlands today!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]These travel tips were provided by Jonny Grant of Carcraft, who is an expert in the field of UK travel and used cars. Jonny has spent years travelling around England on family holidays and has seen nearly all the famous sights on UK roads.[/author_info] [/author]

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