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In our lifetime, everyone has traveled at least once. Whether on a holiday or on a business trip,  Hotel room become our temporary accommodation. In today’s article you can find some great Hotel Travel Tips.

hotel travel tips

Hotel Travel Tips

1.      Research your hotel online.

The very first thing you should do before booking any hotel or resort is to find the reviews online. This way you can easily avoid hotels with many bad reviews and keep yourself away from these hotels. On the other site, hotels with good references means guarantee for you and you can be sure that the stay there will make you pleasure.

2.     Make your hotel room cozy.

If you stay in the cheap hotel room, you can make it nicer with candles. The impersonal room will smell better and you will feel more comfortable. This is the way to make the hotel room romantic and relaxing.

3.     Think about other guests in hotel.

In the hotel, you are never alone. So keep this in your mind when you stay in the hotel and make sure you are a proper neighbor. Do not do anything you wouldn’t want anyone else doing. Sometimes the people at the hotel may be trying to sleep at any time of the day or night. It is not necessary to whisper or tiptoe, just try to keep the volume down.

4.     Use out-of-service room.

It can happen that you want to stay in the fully booked hotel. In this case you can try to ask if they have a livable room which is out-of-service. This kind of rooms has usually some minor issues and the hotel management doesn’t wish to rent them.

5.     Tip the hotel staff.

While staying in the hotel, it is good to tip the housekeeping staff and bellhop. Do not overdo it; it is enough to give 1 dollar per bag or 5 dollars per day for the housekeeper. Tip well and you will get good service and the hotel staff will like you during your stay.

6.     Think about security.

Rooms in the higher floor are more secure than those on the ground level, as they offer easier access for thieves. So if is it possible ask for the room which is on the higher stage. You should also try to avoid rooms with the sliding doors which are also an easy target.

    The Hotel Travel Tips you just read most likely helped you to prepare for a better next hotel stay and you will be able to enjoy your holiday or business trip. We brought these tips together for new travelers to learn neat tricks before planning the next stay in the hotel.

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