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Whether you’re a solo traveler or have an entire family to consider, you’re probably not a huge fan of vacation planning. From confusing rental car arrangements to onerous hotel booking procedures, each step of the planning process can be an ordeal unto itself. To make matters worse, even well-planned vacations can be delayed or derailed by factors beyond your control. In some cases, all it takes is one missed flight connection to turn the perfect trip into a waking nightmare.

Unforeseen complications aside, there are several steps that you can take to plan the perfect vacation. If you want to plan a truly memorable trip, you’ll need to start at the very beginning.

Start Your Trip Off the Right Way

If you’re traveling by air or train, your trip will begin as soon as you set foot in the car that takes you to your departure point. In order to ensure that you start your trip off on the right note, be sure to arrange a comfortable ride. After all, you don’t want to be socked with exorbitant long-term parking fees at your local airport or forced to sit behind the wheel in rush-hour traffic.

Perfect Vacation

New Zealand

While you could certainly ask a friend or relative to drop you off at your departure point, this could add a host of other complications to your travel plans. If your ride is late, you could end up courting danger in a mad dash to the airport or missing your flight entirely.

You can minimize these risks by riding to the airport in style. Seasoned travelers prefer to hire a town car or limousine to take them to the airport. In one of these comfortable vehicles, you’ll be able to stretch out in the back seat and read the paper or surf the Web without worrying about traffic or turns. Since your driver will arrive on time and ready to depart, you won’t have to worry about being late for your flight. Instead, you’ll get your vacation off to a great start with a safe, comfortable ride to your point of departure.

Double-Check Your Reservations

Depending upon when you’re traveling, you may have trouble securing affordable accommodations. Accordingly, you should plan each stop on your trip at least six months in advance. More importantly, you should call each hotel at which you plan to stay within two weeks of your departure date to ensure that your reservations remain on file. During the “high season,” many hotels and motels cancel or change their guests’ reservations without providing any warning. Check also the croft hotel restaurant north east.

Perfect Vacation


Pack Intelligently

Whether you’re flying or driving, your packing choices will be dictated by budgetary considerations and space constraints. In order to ensure that you aren’t penalized for traveling with multiple pieces of “checked” luggage, be sure to pack only what you need. If your destination is in the tropics, it’s unlikely that you’ll require heavy sweaters or jackets. If you’re heading to a ski chalet, you can probably leave the extra T-shirts and tennis shoes behind. With fewer bags to mind, you’ll find it far easier to relax.

Bring Cash

Although most reputable businesses now accept debit and credit cards, some tourist-focused businesses continue to deal exclusively in cash. In most cases, this is a cost-saving measure for the low-margin service businesses that operate in touristy areas. If you’re traveling to a popular spring break destination or beach town within the United States, be sure to bring enough cash to cover at least 20 percent of your estimated food and discretionary expenses. Chances are good that you’ll be paying for plenty of meals and souvenirs in cash.

By starting your trip off on the right foot and planning for every eventuality, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of complications along the way. After your marathon planning session, you’ll be ready to enjoy a much-deserved break on the slopes, by the beach, or wherever else you choose to spend your vacation.

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