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    Did you already prepare your Travel Packing List for your next trip? Do you use Travel Packing List at all? If your answer is NO, this article is for you. You will learn how to prepare a good packing list, we will give you an example of one typical packing list  and on the end of this post you can download a printable version of Travel Packing Checklist.

travel packing list

How to prepare Travel Packing List

Basically, to write down a list of items you will need for your travel is simple.  Important is to resist the urge to pack everything “just in case” and all but the kitchen sink. Here are some points to help you to pack well:

  • try to pack light, adaptable and comfortable clothing,
  • do not bring an all new wardrobe,
  • pack only comfortable shoes,
  • don’t forget cotton or wool socks as you will walk a lot,
  • comfortable underwear,
  • avoid expensive clothes that you are sorry for,
  • consider color, wash-ability, and durability of your cloths,
  • to reduce a number of different pieces you need to pack mix and match them together,
  • to bring a bit variety to your cloths pack some accessories,
  • consider and adjust the wardrobe to the climate you are traveling to.

Example  of Travel Packing List

clothing documents
Clothing Documents
check-box Pants/shorts – causal  check-box Passport/Visa
 check-box Shirts/T-shirts – causal  check-box Tickets
 check-box Clothes for a dressy occasion  check-box Itinerary
 check-box Sweater  check-box Maps
 check-box Jacket  check-box International vaccination certificate
 check-box Underwear  check-box International driving license
 check-box Sleepwear  check-box Travel Guide
 check-box Swimsuit money
 check-box Cover-up for beach or pool  Money
 check-box Raincoat and galoshes  check-box  Wallet
 check-box Hat, beret or sun hat  check-box  Cash
 check-box Belts  check-box  Credit Cards
 check-box Socks – cotton or wool  check-box  Traveler’s checks
 check-box Sandals miscellaneous
 check-box Shoes causal  Miscellaneous
 check-box Shoes for dressy occasion  check-box  Extra glasses
 check-box Accessories  check-box  Contact lenses and prescriptions
women only  check-box  Combination lock
Women only  check-box  Notebook or journal
 check-box Skirts  check-box  Important Addresses
 check-box Dresses  check-box  Small pad of paper
 check-box Girdle  check-box  Day-pack
 check-box Panties  check-box  Pocket flashlight
 check-box Bras  check-box  Net shopping bag
 check-box Nylons  check-box  Travel alarm clock
winter  check-box  Sunscreen
For winter condition  check-box  Sunglasses
 check-box Winter jacket  check-box  Pens and pencils
 check-box Waterproofed boots  check-box  Zip-lock or plastic bags (seal)
 check-box Gloves  check-box  Dictionary or phrasebook
 check-box Cap  check-box  Multi-media accessories
 check-box Long underwear  check-box  Watch
photography  check-box  Swiss Knife
Photography first aid kit
 check-box  Camera  First aid kit
 check-box  Lenses  check-box  Bandages
 check-box  Filters  check-box  Moleskin for blisters
 check-box  Spare battery  check-box  Analgesic pills
 check-box  Memory cards  check-box  Antiseptic spray
 check-box  Tripod  check-box  Insect repellent
 check-box  External flash  check-box  Anti-malaria pills
laundry  check-box  Thermometer in hard case
Laundry items electronics
 check-box Detergent Electronics
 check-box Clothes-brush  check-box Transistor radio/MP3 player
 check-box Inflatable hanger or two  check-box Adapter
 check-box Laundry bag  check-box Mobile phone/Smart phone
 check-box Sewing kit  check-box     -charger
toileteries  check-box GPS
Toiletries  check-box Portable DVD player/DVD’s
 check-box Toothbrush and paste  check-box Laptop
 check-box Dental floss  check-box    -charger
 check-box Mound wash  check-box     -mouse
 check-box Soap and soap dish baby
 check-box Shampoo If traveling with Babies
 check-box Moisturizer  check-box Car seat with cloth liner
 check-box Lip balm  check-box Disposable diapers
 check-box Towel  check-box Wet-wipes
 check-box Hairbrush or comb  check-box Change pad
 check-box Razor/blades and shaving cream  check-box Garbage bags
 check-box Cologne  check-box Diaper rash ointment
 check-box Nail clipper & Tweezers  check-box Books
 check-box Deodorant/Perfume  check-box Nightlight
 check-box Hand Sanitizer  check-box Child’s cup with drinking spout
women only  check-box Drinking straws
Women only  check-box Pacifier
 check-box Facial cleanser  check-box  Fork and spoon
 check-box Pads/Tampons/Pant liners  check-box  Snacks
 check-box Curling Iron/Flat Iron  check-box  Vitamins and fluoride drops
 check-box Blow dryer/Diffuser  check-box  Small toys
 check-box Hair Accessories  check-box  Favorite animal or doll
 check-box Make-Up  check-box  Small packets of tissues
optional  check-box  Extra juice
 Optional  check-box  Collapsible cup
 check-box  Ear plugs and eye shade  check-box  Bibs
 check-box  Binoculars in hard case  check-box  Baby shampoo and soap
 check-box  Roll of transparent tape
 check-box  Musical instrument
One Smart traveler once said: “Take half the clothes and twice the money!”
Download    Download PDF version of this list HERE


    As you can see to prepare a Travel Packing List is really easy and everybody should do it before starting to pack. In this article we covered the standard manually method to prepare Travel Packing List. As technology and internet helping us in our daily life, it can help us also with Travel Packing List. Next week we will take a look at software and online solutions to prepare our packing list almost automatically.

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