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    For beginner traveler, it is good start to learn as much as possible about travel. One of the most hated part of traveling is packing. Especially for novice is hard to decide what to bring and what to keep at home. In this post Travel Packing Tips you will learn 5 proven tips from professionals to help you pack your stuff for your travel easily.

5 Travel Packing Tips

1.      Write down your packing list.

This is a must do! Before you even start packing, put down on the paper everything what you need to pack. Good practice is preparing your packing list at least one week before your departure. If you do so, you can avoid stress if you need to pack in short time. The packing list will keep you away from clutter and help you to stay organized.

travel packing tips

2.      Choose your clothes wisely.

Good way how to save space in your bag is to pack versatile clothing. Think about this: almost every day you can wear the same shoes, while your shirt will get dirty probably after wearing 2-3 days. Use each piece of your cloths many times for different outfits. Only this way you can reduce the number of various items you need to bring.

3.      Pack dark clothes when you are going to travel.

The best clothes for traveling are dark clothes. There is one big reason you should pack only dark-colored stuff. Wrinkles and dirt is not as visible as on lighter colored clothing. It is better to focus on combining a darker wardrobe with brightly colored accessories.

4.      Roll your clothes instead of folding.

If you packing for travel don’t fold your clothes. Better practice is neatly rolling them. This is one of the most useful tip from our Travel Packing Tips guide. Use this smart trick and in your luggage will be much more space for other things you need. In case you need your clothes folded, after you arrive to your destination you can simply refold them. Just by using this one tip you will be able to cut off the amount of bags you need for your trip.

5.      Put your contact information inside your luggage.

It is smart to put label with your contact information inside your luggage. It should be placed in a spot that everyone can see after opening your bag. This will keep you relaxed in case your luggage gets lost and the tag on it gets detached. Do not forget to write on the label your name, home address and phone number. If you do this way your luggage can be returned to you when it is found.

    These 5 Travel Packing Tips are the basic for each serious traveler.  It will help you to enjoy your travels more. Stay tuned because in the next article we will talk about Travel Packing List and we will also give you one free printable Travel Packing Checklist template.

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